Frequently asked questions

Do I need a medical card to purchase produc from DHC?

Yes! You just need a valid ID showing that you are ove, along with a valid med card from our approved states list on about us page.

What is considered valid ID?

An unexpired driver license, passport, tribal ID, or veterans ID are acceptable fourms of identification in the state of Michigan. We will not accept any fourms of ID that have been punched or alerted by the secretary of state.

Can i use my Out-Of-State Med card?

The state has granted us permission to help visiting, qulified medical marijuana patients. As it is with Michigan patients, any visitor must present a valid, unrevoked medical marijuana card from yourhome state along with a valid, unrevoked goverment issued picture ID. The medical marijuana card from your home of ID must be from the same state. The following is a list of the states with medical marijuana programs we can service.

Why Michigan consumers might choose medical marijuanan over pharmaceuticals?

As more and more states legalize cannabis, more people will use marijuana instead of a number of prescription drugs. Many studies have reported that benfits if CBD include relif from insomnia, anxiety, spasticity, pain, epilepsy, and more potentially life threatning conditions. It is also looked to as an alternative to NSAIDs like advil or aleve for people with kidney problems, ulcers, or GERD. As opposed to many pharmaceuticals, patients have claimed that medical marijuana allows them to resume thir daily activities without feeling disengaged and "out of it".