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What Is Sativa?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Sativa is a form of Marijuana which was the first species to be given a name. In 1753, Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus found Sativa and names it as such, which means “cultivated”. Its origins are near the equator countries, Colombia Mexico and Thailand. Sativa need lots of light and thrive in countries that have longer than normal daytimes. Grow lights can help with this if being grown inside. And, the plants are super tall, 8-12 feet with some growing as tall as 20 feet. Their leaves are long and thin, similar to fingers. The Sativa takes longer to grow, but typically generates a higher yield for Detroit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

Medical dispensary Detroit often offers Sativa Stain and Indica Stain as well as the various cross breeds of Marijuana. Sativa strains are different than that of Indica. The buds of the Sativa strain are looser and less dense than that of Indica and often have long wispy hairs with red and orange hues to them. As opposed to the Sativa, of which often has a purple hue. Sativa buds will look larger, due to their less dense nature. The “Fluff” is a big contributor to that.

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The street names of the stains are based on their original origins. The Indica strain was found in Hindu Kush Mountains, so a common name on the streets is “Kush”. However, the saliva stain is called Haze from its multiple locations that it was found. However, as the strains are crossbred for better experiences. Michigan dispensary Detroit will have their own names for their creations. Other popular street names were Sour Diesel, Purple Haze and white widow as examples of the creativity of the names.

Changing how the plants are grown will also contribute to how the physical characteristics and effects of the cannabis. This is how a Detroit medical Marijuana can create similar effects over and over for people. This is important for the Detroit medical marijuana users, so they can be assured they will get the treatments they need. The effects of Sativa will be completely different than that of Indicas. It has more stimulating and uplifting metal effects. And, can help with focus and creativity. People who use Sativa have fun with laughter and can carry on a conversation better. Some stains are even known to enhance lights and sounds, making listening to music or watching movies more vibrant.

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What is responsible for these effects? Cannabinoids, which are compounds found in all cannabis plants. There are over 100 cannabinoids produced by cannabis plants and they all affect the body in different ways. The two that are most studied are the THC and CBD. THC is an appetite stimulant and is known to help with nausea and vomiting. It is also the chemical that is responsible for that “high” feeling. But, CBD doesn’t have those “high” effects. However, it does make the “high” more tolerable. The Sativa strain is thought to have a higher CBD and lower THC than that of Indica.

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