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What is Indica?

There are two main strains found in Michigan weed dispensaries, the Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. These are a certain chemotaxonomic difference between these two. Cannabis Indica strains are said to be from the European descendants. Indica strains are on average higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and lower levers of Cannabidiol (CBD) than Sativa strains. The higher the THC the more psychoactive to the point of hallucinogenic.

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Indica has much darker, forest green color due to the higher levels of chlorophyll. Due it’s harsh natural growing areas of Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, and India. Indica tends to produce the most resin of the two types of Cannabis and this is partly why it is so potent.

To tell the difference between Indica and Sativa, the dry buds can be compared. The Indica dry buds are:

  • Short

  • Often Feature a purple hue or coloring

  • Heavy

  • Compact and Dense

And, Sativa buds are:

  • Long

  • Wispy or fluffy

  • Less Dense

  • Red or Orange in Coloring

Since Indicas are native to cooler climates, they are more likely to have a purple tone to them, along with the darker green. But, if Sativas are grown in cooler temperatures they too could have this feature. So, be sure to look at all the differences. Michigan weed dispensaries offer a wide variety of both types.


If you enjoy a more sit back & Relax "Stuck In Your Couch" Type of feeling Indica is always a good choice!

The effects of Indica from the Michigan weed dispensary near me

Indica's are often used at night to aid in sleep. As well as loosening your muscles and limbs. Indica is the type that is associated with getting the high feeling. The relaxed, not a care in the world with heightened physical senses such as eating food, listening to music or touching different textures.

Michigan weed dispensaries are popping up all over. There are certainly Michigan weed dispensaries near me and near you. Check out the Michigan weed dispensaries and ask, if you still have questions on the different types. After all, with all the cross breeding, many dispensaries have options and choices for your weed selection.

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